There are several ways to get free inbound links:
#1- Submit in Free Directories:
You can find specific directories by searching for terms such as “your keywords + add url”, “your keywords + submit” or “your keywords + directory”.
A good free directory list:
#2- Writing Articles :
Write articles and publish them in Ezine Websites. Put your website URL in the end of articles.
Some website to publish your articles:

#3- Exchange Link networks:
Use link exchange networks. A few of the more popular ones are:

Exchange link with relevant websites. Inbound links from these sites have more weight to search engines.
#4- Forums:
Join forums and place links to your site(s) in your signature line. To get quality inbound links sign up in relevant forums to your site. To find relevant forums search “your keyword+forum” in search engines.
# 5- Email requests:
- Search for your main keywords and find the websites that are competing with you. Then find their inbound links by searching " ". Email them and ask for a link exchange.
- Search for quality sites that don't compete with your own site but can complement it, and ask them for a link exchange.

Avoid these inbound links:

-FFA (Free For All) pages where links can be obtained by any means without scrutiny, and you may receive so many spam emails.
-Auto linking software: using them is a waste of time


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